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Uptown Music Theater Cabaret

December 17, 2022


Uptown Music Theater of Highland Park presents Resilience, our fourth annual Broadway Cabaret. This special one-night-only performance celebrates the strength, character, and perseverance of the Highland Park community. At least twenty singers from Highland Park and surrounding communities, and also from Uptown's past musicals will perform, accompanied by a four-piece orchestral combination of musicians. Masks are encouraged in accordance with CDC guidelines. 


Paxton Cobb, Molly Dibble, Sabrina Edwards, Marianne Embree, Bill Gordon, Hailey Gordon,

Lyla Gray, Jeri Hart, Michaela Hutchinson, Leah Jacobson, Maxine Jacobson, Griffin Kelly,

Michael Kirby, Maizie Landfear, Jeanmarie LaPointe, Dustin Rothbart,

Alexa Rubin, Peter Ruger, Jason Sekili, Carter Sherman, Evan Smith, Faye Steinfink,

Colette Todd, Karylin Veres, Nathaniel Vodak, Rebecca Watson, and Korey White


Saturday, December 17

7:30 p.m.


Highland Park Community House

1991 Sheridan Road

Highland Park, IL

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